The Wandering Monk

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Last night I dreamed that I was a creature made of light and energy and I hovered in space before a blue planet of creatures I’d never seen before.


They appeared to be young but somehow, had deviated from the natural world. All worlds I recalled seeing before this one were that where natural ecosystems existed in harmony. Perhaps there were those that consumed others, but their consumption ultimately fueled the ecosystem they were part of. Their every waste product enabled the positive production of their world.

But this new world on this new planet was different.

They seemed to be intelligent, emotional, capable, driven, explorative, curious creatures that regularly ventured to press themselves further and further into the fabric of understanding.  It was easy to see their intellectual potential.  It was obvious that they thirsted for knowledge like no other. 

Yet for all that they understood, which was impressive for the short time span they had grown, they were so blind to the things that they were doing to their surroundings. Their waste products destroyed their local ecosystem. Their consumption of those around them did not cycle back into the system in such a manner that it ultimately necessitated the circle. They were outside of the cycle.  Some of them knew this and tried desperately to tell others, but their progress steadily drove them farther and farther towards inevitable destruction.

As I hovered there, learning about who these creatures were intimately, what they were doing and how they were doing it, it became more and more clear to me that their future was destined to always consume with great disregard. How could anyone welcome them to a greater universe when all they know is consumption?  When they behaved like the most advanced virus the galaxy could ever have seen.  The kind that is intelligent and is utterly unaware at the destruction they cause.  I observed their past and saw they had always been this way from the moment they could.

I turned to the stars behind me and began to drift away from the world. After a moment I paused and glanced back and I said, “I will return some day to see what will have become of you. I pray that you learn from what you’re doing before its too late.”

I woke up.

What have we done?