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A Heartfelt Farewell to a Master Storyteller – Chris Metzen to Retire from Blizzard Entertainment

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Earlier today, it was reported via Twitter and WoW Head that Chris Metzen, Senior VP of Story, the Voice of King Varian Wrynn and Thrall, and cornerstone to the Warcraft Universe, will be retiring after 23 years at Blizzard.

He is a staple in the Blizzard Community and he describes himself as little more than a Dungeon Master. If you look over his career, he just really loved creating worlds. What a perfect position for him.

No doubt the fans and the company will miss him and likely consult with him here and there, but we have enjoyed his guiding hand for 23 years of amazing gaming. Let his family have his brilliance to themselves now.

Before long, we may just see a young Mr. or Ms. Metzen in the credits of our favorite Blizzard titles. Cheers to Chris and to all of the Warcraft Community that have rallied behind him to offer him the best as he begins a new chapter in his life.

For the fans of Warcraft and of Blizzard, this tugs on our heartstrings strongly.  No doubt, we can all experience the creative works of Chris Metzen in everything we encounter in the Warcraft universe.  For me, specifically, this is a moment of reflection. Not just on Warcraft or on the results of a tireless career.  But on the very nature of legacy.

Few of us can be sure of what our legacy will be. Most of us hope that the work we do, the energy we pour into something, and the dedication we have, will all mean something.  Personally, I hope the passions I explore in my life will make an everlasting impact on people around me, hopefully enriching their lives.  It’s inspiring to see that with enough work, our passions can touch the lives of others and our deeds can live on in the stories we sculpt. As a writer, I admire Chris Metzen’s passion for story and for world design.  As a player, I admire his artistic nature and the subtle references to bigger futures.  And as a human being, I am humbled by the impact one man can have on the hearts of millions, just by doing what he is passionate about.

Shift, Comma, Three, Mr. Metzen. And thank you.

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