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Thoughts about Science and Philosophy

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I was piecing through a notebook of mine and came across a little journal entry on my thoughts about Philosophy and Science and how they play together.  Here’s what’s written:


“[On Science]: How all things function and operate demands the exploration of Science.  I use such a broad term because granular forms of science miss the point.  To say “The science of …” is to omit all sciences not specified.  To understand how things work, all sciences must be considered.”

“[On Philosophy]:  When exploring science, one is naturally lead to the ‘why.’  How specific you are determines where you’re studying.  If, for example, I ask “Why do humans sweat?”  Both Science and Philosophy will have a response, yet their responses are wildly different.  Science will say it’s because our bodies are hot and so we use the process of evaporation and the laws of thermodynamics to cool ourselves.  Science isn’t wrong, but the philosopher will say that it is a social, or even emotional response, taking “sweat” to mean “stress” or “worry”.

This is the line we draw between the two.  If one walks this line long enough, one may begin to blur their distinction entirely.  Both follow “thought models” and accept truth as it is discovered, without first dismissing evidence because it is an inconvenience.  I find this perspective enriching and use it to highlight an even greater truth.  That is, that all things are one.”

“[On Spirituality]: Once we approach “oneness”, we also see that science merges with philosophy and both merge with spirituality.  Viewing that all things are one naturally brings us to ourselves and how we fit into this “oneness”.  Of course, or perhaps in response, we believe all the universe exists and then there’s us — separate, unique, standing outside of the box, as it were.  But, of course, this can’t be right; that’s just bias or belief talking.  Yet the perspective exists and we are evidently the only ones with it.  Surely, if we are all one, then there must be a reason the individual can even see themselves as an individual at all.  It’s as if the universe is fooling itself; tricking itself into these roles.  This is precisely what much of the Hindu perspective suggests, according to Alan Watts.  “The Drama as he describes.

Isn’t it interesting that there exists such grand and undeniable evidence that such intergalactic oneness exists, yet simultaneously, the very perspective of its opposite does, as well?  This may be the grandest example of this nature of existence on its most fundamental and incredible level.  The truth behind all truths:

/Nothing can exist without its opposite./

Dark and light, matter and space, oneness and individuality.  So, this reveals what all perspectives converge on — All that there is and isn’t is completely perceive within the contrast between the total or present state of all things.  Those things, from Stars to Nebula to bugs and dirt, are in the state of constant flux; constant change.  This is the second fundamental law of nature — that all there is and isn’t never remains in that state –> it always changes.

Considering all of this; oneness, impermanence, and distinction/contrast, we can begin to view the universe as a singular, unified thing yet with many distinct contrasts or components.  Stars, the oceans, and even us, are all the distinctions the universe expresses itself as.  It can be said that we are perhaps bad actors in the pretend drama of the universe; at least, those of us that know that we’re acting, because we sometimes detach from the act and remember our true selves.”

“[One View]: Taking all of this into account, we can see where my true view on all things lies.  Understanding how it all works tgoether, exploring scientifically, philsophically, and spirtually, I can hopefully find a path that leads me to the root answer of all things.  Or, perhaps, the answer will lie within the journey itself and that experience — perhaps all experiences — are their own reward.  Perhaps we’re all one and we’re trying to feel everything possible in as many dynamics and flavors as we can.  Perhaps we are acting with ourselves to flesh out the heart of empathy and kindness, of contrast and realization.

Just as the time comes in our live where we look inward to understand our deepest selves, perhaps so too the universe looks inward to discover it’s truest self.  And as wise and divine as it — we! — all are, it crafts all of creation and all of creation’s expressions in order to explore this fundamental goal.

That sounds wonderful to me.”


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