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The Addiction to the Busy Mind

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Think back to a time in your life where you were very busy. It may not be hard to do; you may find it easy to remember when you were busy. Perhaps even easier than to remember when you weren’t. Think about a time when your mind had trouble stopping even when it was time to sleep. When you awoke and instantly the hampster jumped up on the wheel and began running as fast as he could, from the moment light crept past the lids of your eyes.

Did you find to difficult to shed that business? When you do that long enough you’re left with the feeling of near addiction to the sensation of a busy mind. It makes facing yourself in calm silence feel terrible, uncomfortable, or odd. It makes being alone frightful, and in the wake of such a response, we can do terrible things with our lives to avoid it.

We call it loneliness, but it’s not so much loneliness as it is a fear of facing ourselves. We aren’t afraid of being alone, we’re afraid of what we’ll find when we are — that when we are alone we’re not truly alone, we’re sort of trapped in a dark room with the aspects of ourselves we’ve avoided in our busier states. We tell ourselves we will deal with those things when we are done being busy but you may recall that you always try to stay busy.

Consider this video:

True happiness comes when you are alone with your inner self and not only accept them but love them, truly, like a child or a close friend.

Don’t run away from you.
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