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The Wanderer in Us All

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You may have noticed it has been some time since my last post. Perhaps you’ve even wondered why, or made up some reason of your own. Or maybe you haven’t noticed at all. 

No matter which flavor applies, one must ask a different question. Why doesn’t the Wandering Monk ever seem to.. Wander? In any of these posts?

Alas, my friends. The two are connected. Wandering I have been and wandering I definitely shall. 

I have made the decision to shed the bounds of my current living space and begin the pursuit of destinations I’d always intended to find. Places with qualifications that amount to pen crossings across my bucket list, boundless wonder which I have deemed must be explored, and, as perhaps a happy by-product, the wonderful enrichment of my own spirit. 

To that end, my next target destination is Alaska. 

I’ll be stopping many places along the way and it would certainly make for an interesting tale to chronicle such a journey here, and so I shall. Perhaps not all at once, but I’ll try to have a pencil and paper in hand to jot down the meaningful moments to be captured. 

But this post isn’t just a news update, it comes with a certain realization. See, his decision couldn’t have happened without my first reaching a certain mental state. 

Let’s call it courage

I have many things to consider. My beautiful daughter lives here, my mother, my friends, and my history. All other travels have been destinations with here as my home base. Now the home base is changing and, with it, so am I. 

I have spoken much to others about this topic. Most I talk to say “I could never do that, that’s wild!” or “Aren’t you scared?”

Yes, I am. And even so, I am alive. 

I’m blessed with the ability to see the world in a kind of third person from time-to-time. I get caught up in myself and in my ego just like anyone, but then, I blink and it’s as though I’ve stepped back to see the whole situation, myself included. 

It has given me great insight to myself and who I am. It has taught me that “who I am” is not static. It changes and grows. It does this with experiences and by testing the limits of its existence. It evolves. 

I am not alone in this. You do it too. And in such a beautiful way that one could spend a lifetime watching others blossom into their true selves and it would not be a wasted life. 

My journey to Alaska and my journey to deciding to go both involve one thing: Personal Courage. 

I knew I needed to go and if I didn’t, I would regret it. At first I made excuses. I said I couldn’t go, I had so much keeping me here. Too much. I said that for years. 

But one day I woke up and I realized that I couldn’t tell others to reach for their dreams if I didn’t reach for mine. If I didn’t reach for my personal legend (Alchemist fans will appreciate that). 

Speaking of The Alchemist, there’s a Quote I read that has been so true for me. It reads:

“When you truly want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.” — Melchizedek, King of Salem. 

Once I began reaching for this dream, all of the barriers I thought were there melted away. I discovered my problem solving abilities were exceptional and could solve problems as they came. Some things took time. Some things took sacrifice. Some things tested my resolve to doing this and some things tested how I’d react to impossibilities. 

But now, in only a few days, I am leaving. 

All of my road blocks are cleared. All of my impossible-to-break chains are broken. And I write from an empty apartment on my phone, ready to set out for a great adventure. 

Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t spend your days telling yourself that your dreams will come “someday”. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to be where and who you want to be. 

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” –Henry David Thoreau


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