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The Snowball Effect

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Have you ever felt like once things start going, they only keep going that way unless some major force, usually proportionate to the gathered momentum of the thing, stops it?

Sir Isaac Newton said that an object in motion stays in motion unless altered by an external force. This isn’t just true of objects though. Life and destiny, it seems, follows the same rules. 

Sometimes when our lives gather up a certain amount of baggage, it keeps on gathering that baggage. You know that friend you’ve got that stays with her terrible boyfriend even though he’s terrible? Or that really negative guy that only ever sees the negative and seems to only experience negativity? 

It seems that “objects” includes energy. It includes the actions and reactions of things we do, think, and feel. It includes our emotions and our way of life. 

They say you should dress the part you want to play. They say you should be the change you wish to see in others. They say treat others as you want to be treated. 

It seems this fundamental law has been understood for centuries and yet it’s fundamental purpose remains unknown. Why does this happen? Does it really have to do with the physics of the universe on that basic a level? Is it more complicated than I can theorize here on my lonely blog?

Ah, who knows. As much as I’d love to know the “why”, observing the “what” is just as enjoyable. 

In hard times, I’ve found embodying the positivity I want to see in myself creates it within my life. I’ve found that the phases of negativity are often diminished by the positive reactions despite how difficult this is. 

So stay positive, my friends, and sweep those around you towards positivity too. It’ll all come around. 

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