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Misery Loves Company and Needs Love

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Hi everyone,

I’ve cautiously ignored politics because I find the notion of scrutinizing every action of our leaders and every decision they make exhausting at best, toxic at worst.  But the way things have been going in America have begun to trend and the decision making processes of American leaders are beginning to reveal themselves.

Many bloggers will rant and rave about their fears of what the choices President Trump makes, or they will rant and rave about their pride in the same.  Which ever side you’re on doesn’t much matter, so long as you believe you’re fueling your core ethical fibers.

Is it our position in life to take what we can and let the world crumble in our wake?  Or is it our position in life to help others because they are part of the collective ‘we’, and ‘we’ are all in this together?

If you’ve read my blog much, you’ll probably guess at what my political stance is.  To some, we might use the word ‘humanitarian’ — someone who favors placing the needs of other people and our species above the wants and aspirations of a niche group or groups.

Others might say ‘liberal’ but I feel like that’s an extreme term by someone who is is equally blinded by the other side of the coin.  I prefer to take decisions that are made on ever level to be grounded in fundamental honesty and with fundamental humanity.

I personally believe that the government should exist to support its people and the infrastructure and the people should, in turn, support the government’s efforts to do this.  If roads needs to be fixed, the government makes it happen with taxpayer money.  I like the idea of paying more as a healthy, working American to support the healthcare needs of others.  But I also like the idea of policing it appropriately to prevent abuse.

But despite these points of view, there are people who want to basically let the sick die, and make the different emancipated from the ‘noble whole’. I would gladly emancipate myself if it came to that — I am different and virtually everyone I know is different too.

That brings me to the point of this blog post.  Differences

So, there are those that would prefer to subjugate anyone who is different in terms of religion, race, orientation, gender, and many other labels we’ve created to define a characteristic of a human being.  They would condemn others for the sheer fact that they are different.

My question to this mindset is .. where do we draw the line?  What difference do we say “Oh that’s just how people are, so it’s OK.” and what do we say “That’s unacceptable!” and begin justifying our reasons for harming others for that difference?

When we all have different opinions, how can anyone reconcile any truth when it’s all a point of view?  The simple answer is.. we can’t.  And those who don’t accept others behave in that manner because they don’t accept themselves.  And because they don’t accept themselves, they need company.

This brings us back to suffering, to the pain internal and the daunting American way of life that habitually prevents us from confronting ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are.

For those who are peace-oriented, there is only one discourse, both to enrich our own souls and to help enrich others’.  The only way we can combat intolerance is with love, unyielding.  The only way we can change the minds of our enemies is to demonstrate compassion in a world that asks everyone to condemn each other.  Only through unity can we face the adversary of unhealthy judgement.

So the next time we you see something political on your Facebook feed that infuriates you, remember that our anger is only ever going to ignite the fires that tear down ourselves.  Instead, practice mindfulness and kindness, and be the change you’d like to see in the world.


Talk to you soon.

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