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Cheering and Beering

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post that kept the “Brew” in “”, so I thought I’d share something that made me smile that’s right up that alley.

A friend of mine in Mexico heard I like to make the special brew on occasion, and said he has to come up to Alaska to try it some day.  It made me realize that, no matter where you’re from, there’s always a cheery, celebratory sort of feeling when it comes to enjoying a frothy mug with some friends.

I really don’t understand it fully, but there’s nothing quite the same as sampling the local pub or exploring the local microbreweries in search of a new creation.  Across the country and, indeed, across the world, there are always people willing to clink glasses and smile and laugh with you no matter who you are or where you’re from.

That kind of unity is baffling.  On one hand, the world is filled with violence and discrimination.  People are practically begging for excuses to hate each other.  But in those rare nook moments where you’re enjoying the intricate work of a brewing artist with a crowd of diverse people, that all seems to go away.

Maybe I’m wearing rose-tinted glasses, and things aren’t like I’m saying.  Maybe I just want them to be that way.  Heck, I’d make it my life’s work to brew beer if I knew it would help make the world a more peaceful place.  Maybe I still will.  Who knows?

All I do know is that I hope that everyone finds joy in the companionship of their friends and in the knowledge that I’ll toast to you no matter where you’re at.


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