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The Energy of Our Intentions

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Does what we say really matter?  Do other people’s thoughts and intentions really have a significant impact on the world around us?  It’s just sound, right? It’s just opinions.  It can’t hurt us.  ‘Sticks and Stones’ and all that, right?

Well, interestingly, there’s a scientist and positive thinker named Dr. Masaru who did an experiment with three beakers of rice with water in them.  It was the same amount and type of rice and the same water from the same source.

The first beaker he said “You’re a fool” and other such unkind words every day to.  The next, he thanked genuinely.  And the last, he completely ignored.

After one month, the results were in.

The rice inside of beaker he spoke kindly to had begun to ferment and gave off sweet aromas.  The rice inside of beaker that he was unkind to was stale and black.  And the rice inside the beaker that he paid no mind to was rotting and decaying.

What does this tell us?

I believe it drives home two very important lessons.  The first is that our energy and our intentions DOES shape our physical reality.  From self-fulfilling prophecies to evoking the universe to lend us the positivity we ask for in life.  When we do anything from the heart, that is the result we get.  If we are hateful and cruel to others, then that energy is what will be reflected back by the universe.  When we are kind, then kindness returns.  Such is the way of karma and it exists in every possible measurement!  From the atomic level to the astronomical.

The second lesson is that all things respond most to energy and less to indifference and neglect.  Neglect was the worst of the rice experiment.  The black rice fed on the energy the scientist was giving it and reflected it, whereas the rice that was ignored simply decayed.

The old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” may need to be replaced with “If you don’t have anything nice to say, find something nice to say!”

In ancient Japan and in cultures all over the world, we have been privy to some fundamental folk-lore truths.  Evil and bad things were always dark or black.  Monsters lived in the dark, criminals always wore black, etc.  Could it be that this view point was first discovered by our great ancestors when they learned about the power of the spoken word? Of the power of intention and energy? And they weren’t speaking metaphorically, but physically!

Have you ever wondered why we feel the way other people are feeling sometimes?  Why we have such empathy and compassion at times for the suffering of others?  I believe that this energetic response is a way for the universe to balance the greater cosmic happenings.  I believe that, as a whole, if we want to survive as a species, we must learn the truth of how energy affects the world around us and how we, in turn, impact the greater universe.

The Power of Positivity has more studies that conclude similarly — I implore you to look at those and do some additional research to see what I’m saying.

Talk to you soon.


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