The Wandering Monk

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Hello, this section is about me, the author, and my voyage through the interesting world of making beer at home, learning Chinese martial arts, and playing a character of similar origins in World of Warcraft.

The backstory is kind of interesting when I look back on it.  Much of my life, I spent it having an interest in everything and in nothing all at once.  Nothing kept my attention for too terribly long and I always found myself enamored by sustainable learning sources.  Sources that were rich with information and that ultimately could never be mastered fully.

To that end, years ago, I began looking for a martial arts program that could hold my interest and that I found to be fun and that I could internalize in my daily life.  I tried Tae Kwan Doe, Karate, Jiujitsu, and Aikido, but none of them spoke to me like I was expecting. When my friend, tattoo artist, yoga teacher, and now, Sifu, told me he started a Kung Fu school in his art studio, I knew I had to give it a shot.

Years ago, a friend told me he was making beer at home for fun and wanted me to try some.  At first I didn’t put much stock in the idea, figuring there was no way a home brew could match what was on the market! That was honed, and refined, and so on.  Well, finally the day came when I tried his various alchemical concoctions and, I must say, I was dazzled by it! He really did an awesome job! I was convinced that I needed to do this myself.  And as I learn, this website will be my journal.

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for many years and I always leaned towards the spiritual classes; Shamans, Druids, even Paladins.  Nothing felt like a close approximation of myself though.  That all changed when Mists of Pandaria introduced the Monk class, and with it, the Brewmaster. An amazing class, the Brewmaster is a tank that uses the original Zui Quan (“Drunken Boxing”) Kung Fu fighting style as its inspiration.  I have always been a fan of Kung Fu movies and beer, so the class immediately resonated with me.

Now, all three of these enjoyable portions of my life have come full circle and I’ve finally gotten the sense that I have some enjoyable directions to head.  So come along with me as I take this journey.  Who knows where it will lead!

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