The Wandering Monk

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Hello and welcome to my little nook of the Internet.  In this place, I share my journey, both across the lands of our beautiful planet and the landscape of my own mind.  I touch on philosophical observations, the delightful practice of brewing beer, the centering and life-enriching practice of Kung Fu, and even a little video game fun too.

In real life, I am a martial arts practicing follower of Zen Buddhism and enjoy the rich culture of the world. As I go through life, learning and growing, this is the place I will turn to when my experiences and life lessons need form. Much of this page will be mixed between my real life observations, philosophies, and lessons that I learn, and the culminating world of the Brewmaster Monk of World of Warcraft as he travels the perils of Azeroth in search for adventure.

On this site you’ll find philosophical revelations, beer brewing epiphanies, and even some fun fictional writing that I hope you’ll spend some time reading.  It’s a tad unrefined, but I’m working on proofing everything for your reading pleasure.  Have suggestions? Feel free to reply to any of the pages with a comment!

I try to post updates every Tuesday, but there may be more or less peppered in here and there.  I hope you enjoy reading and I encourage your comments, likes, follows, and shares.